Friday, July 15, 2011

What Do You Get When . . .?

Wow.  How quickly a week goes by!  Sorry gang - I'll be working at posting at least three times a week, but I'm a bit slow getting out of the gate.

So, what do you get when . . . you combine several hundred vendors with loads and loads of junk, antiques, and super cool finds?  A shipwreck?  Well, okay, not quite, but something close - Shipwreck Day!  A one-day annual event in the old town section of Anacortes, WA, where eight or more blocks, and every side street in between, are blocked off with shoulder to shoulder vendors and thousands of people looking through several million items.  I'm telling you, this is the event that my mom and I anticipate ALL year! Nothing gets in the way of Shipwreck Day and no matter what, we scrounge up enough money to come home with a carload of furniture and vintage/antique treasures every time.

While, there is some advertisement done for the event, Shipwreck Day has become wildly popular through sheer word of mouth because it's HUGE and incredible!  Anyone can participate as a vendor, given they sign up in time, and they can sell junk to jewels and everything in between.  And, anyone can go - it's FREE.  This is the event where all the old guys bring out their lifetime collections of tools and car parts and display them on blue tarps.  This is the event where antique dealers and vintage jewelry hounds load their tables, shelves, and boxes full of the unique, funky, and just plain cool.  And this is the event that starts at 8am, but has people shopping at 6am or before.

This is the place to be tomorrow (Saturday), July 16th.  And this is the place where I will be with my treasure-hunting and equally as excited mom, starting at 6:30am.  If you live around or close to Anacortes, WA, come on out and experience Shipwreck Day.  Buy items from a few cents to several hundred or more.  No matter what your budget, I'm sure you'll find something you just have to have!

I plan to load up on boxes, baskets, and great vintage storage items for the shop, so check in next week for new listings.  I will also try and give a sneak peak at some of my finds on this blog before they go public.  If you see anything you like here and want to reserve it before it lists, just let me know.  A fun perk to following this blog, if anyone out there is.  :-)

Have a great afternoon!

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  1. There is absolutely nothing like the rush of a large sale such as this...I was on my way to this huge thrift store one time that I had first passed on a Sunday-so of course it was closed- and had now planned ahead to scout out again. So we get to the corner that the thrift store. The light is red..we have a minute to gaze in the window at the serious rows and shelves of unknown treasures!!! I go to turn right, and a car comes out...ONE WAY! Driving a half block to turn right and back track a bit to the parking lot was shear torture. Someone was sure to go in ahead of me and steal ALL of my treasures.... :) Nothing like that adrenaline rush, for sure. I hope you found some great things, can't wait to see them all posted!~Amy ChestnutHillVintage/ETSY