Thursday, July 7, 2011

Finding Inspiration From Martha

Okay, so today, I don't feel very inspired.  Inspired to edit photos, brainstorm ideas, search for that perfect background color for my banner on my shop (, or really do about anything.  I hate such days, days where I feel like I spend the entire time pulling myself up by my bootstraps.  I think I'm tired.  I went to our first puppy training class with my mom and my parents' two wire-haired dachshund puppies last night after work, and man, let me tell you, that was exhausting!  I think I got as much training as the puppies.

"Sit." "Yes!" "Good dog." "Yes!" "O.k, come." "Sit." Good dog, I mean Yes!" "Sit." "Sit."  "I said, sit."  "Why aren't you sitting?"  "Hello? I'm over here."  "Hey, stop eating the grass."  "O.k. sit."  "Sit does not mean stand."  "Sit."  "Yes!"

By the end of it, after way too much sun in the eyes, thirty-eight gulps of water out of the doggy bowl, and some last "ferocious" barks at the other classmates, my canine partner and I were way over puppy class.

( . . . Note: my mom just called and the puppies have been sleeping all day!  Every time she walks past their kennel, instead of eagerly jumping up to get her attention, they give her the wary eye as if they're thinking, "You're not going to take us to that class today, are you?  We won't do it - no way. We're exhausted!")

So, yes, tired and uninspired today.  But, it's days like these when I love to draw inspiration from good ol' Martha.  I just love her!  Check out her wonderful DIY bedding projects.  I think I unconsciously migrated to the bedding projects because I really could use a nap.  Enjoy!

This easy slipcover for a bed's head and end board.  Love how cozy and nest-like the bed looks.

This padded headboard, not only comfortable to lean on while reading in bed, but also adds a cozy feel to the room.

And finally, these lovely, and oh-so-easy trimmed pillow cases.  I have so many pretty vintage napkins - what a great use for them!


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  1. This cracks me up! There's just something about small dogs...I swear they have to make extra noise because they're so small!! I'm so please you started a blog, I look forward to stopping back to see what you've got on next. ~Amy