Friday, January 27, 2012

Birthday Present to Me!

Are you a purse gal?  I'm not.  I have never been a fan of carrying a purse.  When I was younger, I felt like the girls who carried them were trying to act older than they were, and it felt fake to me to try and do that.  Now, that I'm an adult, I still just don't like it.  I can't put my finger on it exactly, but there is something about carrying a purse (for me) that just doesn't feel right.

My mode of transportation for the "stuff" I carry around is a Land's End tote (they're great!  Try one if you haven't.) and a wallet.  I am a big fan of the wallet.  A great wallet can hold all the necessities without being cumbersome, and can be easily carried and taken wherever I go.  At least, that would be the perfect wallet in theory.  Yet, I can't say that I have actually owned the perfect wallet . . . until now!

I ordered mine in vintage grey from Leoniesaliba on Etsy!

My birthday is on Monday (January 30th) and my very generous uncle and aunt, sent me some birthday money, the right amount to cover the cost of, what I am believing will be, the perfect wallet!  I have been saving up over the last month, rather unsuccessfully, because life just takes money even when I try not to spend any, and when I saw the check, I nearly cried.  

Isn't she a beauty?  Soft, vegetable died, genuine leather that will only get better with use!  And I love the simple, thin striped lining on the inside of the zippered pockets - fun, yet subtle.

I started really searching for the one about five months ago and after searching through literally hundreds of wallets online and in stores, I really found no other wallet that seemed right. Three zippered pockets, lots of card slots in the middle, and the wallet opens up flat to be able to easily see and get them.

It even comes with a wrist strap for added versatility, but I will probably just carry it.

I can't wait to be holding it!

If you like this wallet, check out Leonie Saliba's shop on Etsy.  She is having a 10% off sale through Tuesday, January 31st!

Have a great Friday night!!


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Office & Organization

Ah!  So, I get snowed in for three days (at work; I'm a nanny) and I lose all connection with the world.  Alas, I am back, and since getting back in my cozy little apartment Friday night, I have been catching up on phone calls, Dovetail Vintage shopping, and photographing new merchandise for the shop.  It feels good to be back in the real world again.

In my last post, I mentioned that I would be unveiling my small office nook that I have been revamping . . . actually, setting up is more accurate, since it never really functioned as an office nook before, but rather as a catchall spot for everything I didn't have a place for.  I am still finding the needed organizational pieces to make the space just right, and I may unveil the spot before all of those are in place, but I still have a few more things I want to do before I do just that.

So, with an office space and organization on my mind, I will leave you with some fabulous organizational items and office spaces that I uncovered at my much loved stores, Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware.


I have included links to each of these pages in case you are interested in purchasing or better perusing any of these items. Just click on the store name below each picture.

Note: Thru the 25th, Pottery Barn is having a sale on their office furniture and supplies.

LOVE the neutral color of these boxes with their brass hardware, and such great shapes and sizes.

The shelves look a little cluttery for me, but I dig the height of this desk - you could easily stand as well as sit - as well as there being room for two.

 Great wall organizers!  See the twine on the rolling pin - love that! . . . except for the time it would take to put it on there.  Although, it does look cool.  :)

 Mirrors?  Nope.  Large linen pin boards.  While these are cool, I want to make some!  Find a wooden or vintage frame and cover cork in burlap, canvas, or linen and mount it inside the frame to get this look.

Great office accessories that will always get use.

Hope your weekend was wonderful and that the start to your week goes smoothly!


Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Thrift Store Scores!

While my day job (I nanny three little, but very active, boys) doesn't allow me much time for thrift store/antique store hunting for my shop, the weekend, does.  Every Saturday morning, I head to the post office and go hunting afterwards.  While, I mostly buy for my shop, I always seem to come home with a few neat things for my own little nest too.  

Here are the fun things I uncovered last weekend . . . 

 { the collection }

 { little silver toothpick holder - I love him! }

 { china blossom bowl - perfect holder for my new business cards.  Yah! }

 { ribbed, thick glass dish - great to hold all sorts of things. }

 { rectangular baskets - I used to think baskets were outdated, but not since having my own home!  They are great for organizing everything from pens, notepads, and office supplies, to electronics, receipts, and books. I use them all over the house now. }

{ A beautiful cut glass wine glass.  I love to collect fancy glass wine glasses and mix them all together. }

In the background of the first picture, you can see that I also got a rectangular wood box, a sweet white china saucer, and a small glass compote.  (See the box and the compote soon in my office nook makeover.)  

Want to know the best part to all of these scores?  I picked them all up for under $5.  

Love it!

Have a great rest of your Saturday!  

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sale Preview

Heads up!  
I am having a sale this Friday & Saturday over at the shop.

1 Dozen Items 
on sale for $5 ea.  

This sale will only last two days and afterwards, each item goes back to it's original price.

Below, get a sneak peek at 6 of the 12 items that will go on sale Friday morning:

{small brass leaf dish}

 {wood, laser cut silhouette - would be a sweet wedding gift}

 {brass incense burner}

 {metal "B" paperweight}

{ceramic baby shoe, mini planter - perfect size for a succulent!}

{brass turtle dish - soap dish, anyone?}

Come enjoy the fun of cool scores and great savings, this Friday & Saturday at


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Vintage Light Cover Hanging Vases

At my shop, Dovetail Vintage, along with wonderful vintage ceramic, silver, brass, and wood home accessories, I offer a few handmade items.  Some are currently in the works and coming to the shop soon, and one, the one I want to share with you today, I have offered since I opened the shop in January of 2011.

These vintage glass light cover hanging vases are so fun!  They come in all sorts of shapes and designs and could be used for so many occasions.  

A few great uses for these vases include:
~ Filled with fresh flowers, hung out on a wrap-around porch for a party
~Tied with large fabric bows on the ends of pews leading down the aisle for a wedding! 
~Setting the mood in the evening with a votive 
~Hanging from covered tents with lit candles at an outdoor reception
~Hanging from a vintage metal hook in an entryway with flowers or candles

. . . the possibilities are endless.

Hang indoors or out.
Great also as party favors, hostess gifts, bridesmaids gifts, etc.

If you want to see more, head on over to the shop, and if you decide you have to have one . . . or two or three, take 10% off your order for seeing this post.

Use coupon code: SAWITONTHEBLOG
at checkout.

Have a great rest of your Sunday evening!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Be Inspired

From time to time, I love to sit and browse my "Favorites" section on my Etsy shop.  I find such inspiration from the items that I have "collected" throughout the last year.  

If you are unfamiliar with Etsy, first you need to go here and see it . . . well, maybe you should finish reading my post first because you may get so hooked that you won't find your way back to me.  :)

 . . . Etsy has this FABULOUS feature where any member (simply, one with a name and password) can "favorite" an item on the site that they like or want to be able to easily find again later.  I am so hooked on this feature that now, when I find items on any other site, I get so bummed that I can't add them to my Favorites.  I find myself even a little irritated.  Ha!

Anyway, last week I made a treasury (another super cool Etsy feature - a collection of 16 items from 16 different vendors based on a theme that the curator, me in this case, makes up) of items that I pulled solely from my Favorites section and gave it a very clever and creative title: 
My Favorite From Each of These Shops   

I love these items and looking at them gives me much joy and inspiration.

Click here 
to go directly to this treasury to click on the items and the wonderful shops they come from.

Oh, and if you are still hoping for the link to Etsy, click here or go to
Have fun!


Monday, January 2, 2012

Decorating Roots

I've grown up surrounded by antique furniture and wonderful vintage knick knacks and handmade art pieces adorning every surface.  I owe my own love for vintage and handmade to my artist parents and their love for and support of these things.

Below, are a few pictures taken at my parents' house over the holiday.  Examples of their style and how simple objects can decorate one's home so well offering a feeling of comfort and coziness.

The tiny box is a box of vintage calligraphy pen nibs bought on Etsy for my mom and the bronze sculpture of the woman on the right was done by my dad.

 Wonderful pinecones my mom collected while out painting one day, and the sparkly gold floral stem is sitting in a vintage wooden spool.


My parents' home is all unpainted cedar which, with it's rich color, adds to the coziness and golden glow when lit solely by lamps in the evening. I love the feel of it.

Hope you had a great first couple of days of the new year!
Off to bed now. . .