Thursday, July 28, 2011

Green Is The New Black!

I'd like to give a nod to some of the wonderful shops who feature the fabulous green items I included in my treasury today - "Green Is The New Black".  Browse below . . . I think green is a pretty good contender for the black slot.

Find the inspiration for this treasury, found at EcoPrint.

Green Pendant Lamp at Hindsvik.

Gorgeous wrinkled green scarf from WhiteMoth.

A set of 6 lovely Woods Teacups from OldSchoolFarm.

An antiqued green book of poems at one of my personal favorites, TheOldRedHen.

And, this awesome green leather bag can be snatched at JMBCanada.

Find the entire treasury HERE and tell me what you think . . . is green the new black?  Happy Thursday . . . Friday is almost here!



  1. Great finds...Love the scarf! And the little shell dish sweet! :)

  2. Love this collection sooo much. Super chic and fun. Adore the scarf and the bag. ♥