Sunday, July 17, 2011

New Items Coming to The Shop . . .

Well, Shipwreck Day has come and gone and mom and I are already looking forward to next year!  We arrived a little later than planned, but early none-the-less, and as we hustled from our car before 7am, people were already carting wonderful treasures back to their cars.  The only unfortunate of the day was that it was raining.  Many vendors had tents over their tables, but some went without and were left for all of heaven to dampen their wares.  Even so, people took it in stride and if there was one perk, the rain possibly staved off a few early birds from getting there so early.  Nice for buyers like us.  

Mom and I jumped right in, and within minutes, I had found a wicked cool OLD iron and metal grey scale.  While I was holding it a few minutes later, this guy stopped me to see how much I had paid for it and to drool a bit over my great find.  He was a super nice older gentleman who was an avid flea market enthusiast and even tried to sell me an old army cook stove out of his truck.  The stove was cool, but I told him I would have to pass this time.  

We had a great time, and by 10:30am, when we had to leave to open our art galleries for the day, mom and I had successfully loaded our CRV to the gills.  Such fun!  So, below, as promised, I have added a few of my finds that will be hitting the shop early Monday morning.  Enjoy!

Antique Cardboard Cookie Box, $19.00

 Vintage Silver Plated Bread Basket, $23.00

Vintage Fruit Box, $27.00

Vintage Metal Flower Frogs, $16.00

Happy Sunday!


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