Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Look What I Got!

Recently, I interviewed for a job in Coeur d'Alene, ID and took my mom along for the trip.  During our two days in town, among other things, we went to lunch with a new friend I made at one of the local thrift shops the first time we visited.  She also has an Etsy vintage shop.

We all went to The White House, a wonderful mediterranean restaurant that uses lots of garlic!  Mmmm.  In fact, they use so much that they keep the bathrooms supplied with a very large pitcher of mouth wash and little plastic cups so customers can freshen up after their meal.  Ha! Love it!

After a great lunch, my friend took us back to her house where we got to experience first-hand, the most wonderful stash of 30 years worth of collecting vintage silver compotes, glass cloches, wicked cool old boxes, wire baskets, and paper/stamping supplies, just to mention a few.  It was amazing to see so much wonderful stuff - the kind of stuff I search for for my own shop - in one place!  I felt like a kid in a candy shop for the first time!  It was one of those rare moments I might only dream about.  

As I looked through all the shelves and piles of great stuff, I came across the most darling silver plated shell dish wonderfully tarnished.  As I gushed over this tiny find, do you know what she said?  "You can have that."  What?!  

I love tiny dishes and containers, just small enough for little trinkets or bits of jewelry, and this shell is so precious!  This item won't be going in my shop.  She's mine.  :-)

Before I left, she also gave me a very cool ornate brass frame. It's missing it's backing and stand, so I would like to make it into something.  I would love your ideas!

It's not quite large enough to be a light switch cover, like I thought might be neat.  I have this hankering to use it for something besides it's original purpose.  Send me your thoughts, and if I use your idea, I might just send you something fun as a Thank You!  

Have a great day!


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