Monday, February 27, 2012

Spring: Just Around the Corner

About a week ago, I was struck with the realization that I was suddenly no longer going to and leaving from work in the dark.  Oh what joy!!  Unbeknownst to me, my spirit had been longing for and waiting for this day, because something leapt joyfully inside of me.

fine art print, "Zohar" by Inmost Light on Etsy

I felt a sprouting inside of me like new growth first breaking ground in the immediate days of spring.  And, though, spring is not quite here yet, the longer days and the warm sunshine has reminded me that it is right around the corner.  Soon, winter will succumb to spring's overwhelming and glorious light, and warmth and new life will burst forth as it always does during this particularly expectant season.  

Spring.  The season of newness . . . new life, new beginnings, new hope.  Spring makes my heart smile.

"Springtime Cherry Blossoms" by Lisa Russo Photography on Etsy

So, while there is snow on the ground as I write this, and even more expected later this week, I am holding onto the light, the light that rose early with me this morning and was still there after I left work tonight.  And with the light, I am holding onto the hope it has stirred in my heart and soul.  

"soft morning light" by Madden Photography on Etsy

Longer days are a comin' my friends.  Winter will soon give way to spring, glorious spring!

May you be filled with a sense of hope today and richly blessed.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Where are my socks?

Yesterday, feeling especially unmotivated, I decided to try to overcome this feeling, or lack of one, and just do something, the very thing I was not wanting to do.  My laundry basket sat full of fresh clean laundry to put away, dishes needed doing, and things around the house needed a bit of organizing.  I decided I was going to do these things, with no pressure, as slow or fast as I wanted, but do them none-the-less.  

I started with my laundry and it was at the bottom of my basket that I was met with a small pile that never ceases to leave me in a quandary every time I meet with it.  There among folded pairs of socks were several more socks without matches.  I just don't get it.  My apartment is pretty little and I don't make a point of spreading my socks around only to be hidden or lost.  I don't have a dog that feels the need to make socks a daily part of his diet (like some dog I know).  And, apart from the one sock chucked over the back of the washer by a two-year-old friend insisting, "I help.", I have no idea where they've all gone.  Really.  I want an explanation here!  The corner of my dresser is becoming a purgatory for single socks.  Will they go on to be reunited with their mate, or will they be banished to the garbage?  

In the mean time, if this scandal persists, I am going to be shopping for some new socks rather soon.  And, I know I'm not the only one that seems to have a sock fairy whisking away my foot covers.  So, take a peak at these super socks I found on Etsy.  


Vintage lace anyone? By Vintage Bazaar HK

Many wonderful boot socks and leg warmers at Grace and Lace Co on Etsy

I really like the unexpectedness of the orange in these socks creating a point of interest.  
By RG Ideas on Etsy

Beautiful scandinavian-style socks at Tatiana Orlova on Etsy

Warm wool short socks by Purls and Ivy on Etsy

And, because I just love this shop, I had to add these.  Aren't they precious?!  Not exactly socks, but slippers, made from recycled sweaters with non-slip soles by Wooly Baby on Etsy.  
They make them for adults too!


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Etsy Inspiration

A busy couple of weeks combined with a moderate lack of enthusiasm has kept me away from posting.  I am forcing myself to post this time, knowing that once I get going, I'll gain enthusiasm and inspiration.  So, here goes . . .

Because the craftsmen and vintage sellers on Etsy always inspire me, and because Valentine's Day is just around the corner, here are some wonderful items for your viewing pleasure and inspiration.  All for sale on Etsy.

vintage silver plated roses from Anna Lou Vintage 

handmade paper heart gift tags from The Rehatchery 

frosted sugar cookies from The Piece de Resistance

rose gold and topaz heart ring from Valerie Jewellery

wood sign by William Dohman

Some great items here, aren't there?  People are so creative; I just love it!  Be inspired and check out these shops if you like what you see.  Oh, and take a moment to smile.  It's good for the spirit.  

Have a great night!