Sunday, June 9, 2013

Day 5: 7 Lbs in 7 Days

Day 5:  It's day five and thank goodness.  This is a great experience, but, I can't wait to eat a meal.  It's going to be amazing!  My husband and I talk about what meal we're going to have first when we can chew our food again.  Oddly, I think it's going to be Chinese.  We've both been craving it the last few weeks and neither of us have had it in years.  After we get that craving out of the way, honestly, I want salads and meat and fish.  

Juicing for this long has given me a whole new appreciation for food!

Highlights of day 5:  I was down .7 lbs this morning.  I am feeling even greater in my jeans.  I feel good on this juicing spree.  My face looks brighter.  I look more alert.  I feel good the majority of the time.  I haven't given in and eaten anything.  

Lowlights of day 5:  Like all of the days, I got fatigued quickly and deeply when I exercised.  One of the juices we drank today was not great.  I had a moment of intense and overwhelming frustration and anger when I couldn't find my camera battery charger (I still haven't found it), I know due to this fasting.  

Most surprising part of this whole experience:  How I feel great one moment, and then, as if almost instantly, I'll feel so hungry and like this is so hard.  It's the weirdest feeling.  Thankfully, I feel good waaayyy more than I want to just give it up. 

10:30.  I'm exhausted.



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  1. LOL Cal, you crack me up! This sounds like periodic torture!!! You'll never want to drink juice again! ;) I'M excited for your Chinese dinner when reading this, just thinking of how happy you'll be eating it! I love you, stick with it!