Friday, June 7, 2013

Day 3 - 7 Lbs in 7 Days

Day 3:  So, the end of my third day has come on the 7 Lbs in 7 Days juice fast.  The inspiration for me waking early this morning was getting to drink a juice.  I started with hot peppermint tea and then juiced for breakfast and to bring with me to work.  I felt quite great for most of the day.  I did have one moment of feeling really weak in the afternoon, but that was because I got home a little after 3pm from work and I hadn't had my 2pm juice yet.  Though, once I got some apple juice in me while I juiced, I was good to go again.  I have found I need the juices every three hours and water in between.

Today, we made a juice that had plain yogurt in it, and I was so excited to have it, only to find that it wasn't that exciting.  It did give me a full feeling though, and my husband said it was his favorite juice so far.  Go figure.

All in all, I feel pretty great.  And though the smell of food in a grocery store or cafe (I was there with my co-worker) still makes me want a meal that I can chew, I have to say, there was something liberating to me today about restraining myself against a craving.  I've lost 2.6 lbs in the last three days and I still have 10-15 that I would like to loose to feel like I was at my perfect weight.  This juice fast is going to get me closer to that goal, but I think it might also give me a one up on cravings.  I don't want food to control me.  I want to be in control of what I eat and feel great after I eat, not guilty.

Off to bed . . . it's 10pm.



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