Monday, January 2, 2012

Decorating Roots

I've grown up surrounded by antique furniture and wonderful vintage knick knacks and handmade art pieces adorning every surface.  I owe my own love for vintage and handmade to my artist parents and their love for and support of these things.

Below, are a few pictures taken at my parents' house over the holiday.  Examples of their style and how simple objects can decorate one's home so well offering a feeling of comfort and coziness.

The tiny box is a box of vintage calligraphy pen nibs bought on Etsy for my mom and the bronze sculpture of the woman on the right was done by my dad.

 Wonderful pinecones my mom collected while out painting one day, and the sparkly gold floral stem is sitting in a vintage wooden spool.


My parents' home is all unpainted cedar which, with it's rich color, adds to the coziness and golden glow when lit solely by lamps in the evening. I love the feel of it.

Hope you had a great first couple of days of the new year!
Off to bed now. . .


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