Thursday, January 5, 2012

Be Inspired

From time to time, I love to sit and browse my "Favorites" section on my Etsy shop.  I find such inspiration from the items that I have "collected" throughout the last year.  

If you are unfamiliar with Etsy, first you need to go here and see it . . . well, maybe you should finish reading my post first because you may get so hooked that you won't find your way back to me.  :)

 . . . Etsy has this FABULOUS feature where any member (simply, one with a name and password) can "favorite" an item on the site that they like or want to be able to easily find again later.  I am so hooked on this feature that now, when I find items on any other site, I get so bummed that I can't add them to my Favorites.  I find myself even a little irritated.  Ha!

Anyway, last week I made a treasury (another super cool Etsy feature - a collection of 16 items from 16 different vendors based on a theme that the curator, me in this case, makes up) of items that I pulled solely from my Favorites section and gave it a very clever and creative title: 
My Favorite From Each of These Shops   

I love these items and looking at them gives me much joy and inspiration.

Click here 
to go directly to this treasury to click on the items and the wonderful shops they come from.

Oh, and if you are still hoping for the link to Etsy, click here or go to
Have fun!