Monday, March 19, 2012

Oh Garden! How I Want Thee!

One day, I will have a garden.

My little boys (that I nanny) and I planted some seeds in small, clear, plastic cups last week, which are now sprouting on the windowsill.  I was just as excited as they were to see these little bits of life spring forth through the shallow soil.  

Oh, how I want a garden now . . .

I think I might figure out how to have one in my apartment.  
I'm thinking window box?

I've decided, that when I do get a garden, I want some fun garden markers.  
Check out some of my favorites on Etsy:

Terra Cotta markers by JustWork on Etsy

OhHelloMagpie on Etsy

Alluvial on Etsy

liciapfadt on Etsy

And, for those of you who prefer to make your own . . .

There are a lot out there to choose from, many made out of old spoons, but these shops have not followed the trend, but started their own trend instead.  I love it!

How will I choose?!

Have a great evening!  Hope your Monday started off the week well.  
I'll keep you posted on the growth of my garden project. :)



  1. It's so funny, because I was just thinking this same thing yesterday! I think I'll be planting a little herb garden in my kitchen window! The gardens outside are about as full as they're gonna get. So to plant a little inside garden will be perfect. Plus, fresh herbs with dinner?! Yummo!

  2. A friend after my own heart. You know we are two peas in a pod - of course you were thinking this! :)