Monday, February 13, 2012

Where are my socks?

Yesterday, feeling especially unmotivated, I decided to try to overcome this feeling, or lack of one, and just do something, the very thing I was not wanting to do.  My laundry basket sat full of fresh clean laundry to put away, dishes needed doing, and things around the house needed a bit of organizing.  I decided I was going to do these things, with no pressure, as slow or fast as I wanted, but do them none-the-less.  

I started with my laundry and it was at the bottom of my basket that I was met with a small pile that never ceases to leave me in a quandary every time I meet with it.  There among folded pairs of socks were several more socks without matches.  I just don't get it.  My apartment is pretty little and I don't make a point of spreading my socks around only to be hidden or lost.  I don't have a dog that feels the need to make socks a daily part of his diet (like some dog I know).  And, apart from the one sock chucked over the back of the washer by a two-year-old friend insisting, "I help.", I have no idea where they've all gone.  Really.  I want an explanation here!  The corner of my dresser is becoming a purgatory for single socks.  Will they go on to be reunited with their mate, or will they be banished to the garbage?  

In the mean time, if this scandal persists, I am going to be shopping for some new socks rather soon.  And, I know I'm not the only one that seems to have a sock fairy whisking away my foot covers.  So, take a peak at these super socks I found on Etsy.  


Vintage lace anyone? By Vintage Bazaar HK

Many wonderful boot socks and leg warmers at Grace and Lace Co on Etsy

I really like the unexpectedness of the orange in these socks creating a point of interest.  
By RG Ideas on Etsy

Beautiful scandinavian-style socks at Tatiana Orlova on Etsy

Warm wool short socks by Purls and Ivy on Etsy

And, because I just love this shop, I had to add these.  Aren't they precious?!  Not exactly socks, but slippers, made from recycled sweaters with non-slip soles by Wooly Baby on Etsy.  
They make them for adults too!