Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Apartment Unveiling . . . Part 1

Okay, as promised, here are a few shots of my new apartment.  I have entitled this post Part 1 because I have decided to unveil it in sessions, given that I'm not ready for the entire house to be photographed. Ha!  :-)  So, as I find a few more pieces of furniture and collect new art over the next several weeks, I will unveil more and more.  In the next day or two, I am going to show you the project that my landlord did (with a little help from muah) on my breakfast nook windows.  Now I can open them!

So, I hope you enjoy these first photos.  This apartment is one of five in a very old home - over 100 years old!  I have a personal affinity for old homes with their practical and not-so-practical nooks and storage spots, their often wonderful structures, and the feeling of home that they can so wonderfully exude.  This little apartment has all of these qualities, however, there is one thing that I would change, if I owned it - the brown carpet.  It's not horrible, but I would love wood floors.  I think I will find some great rugs to add some contrast and keep the carpet cleaner.

Have a great Thursday!  It is another beautiful sunny and hot day here in Coeur d'Alene, Id.  It was 96 degrees yesterday!  Whew! I hope you are catching some great end of summer weather as well.


 I love to read, and I always have a lot of books by my bed, often reading several at a time.  The glass lamp was a garage sale find - $5!  And, the little clock by the lamp was an Etsy purchase from here.  

 I love this little shelf above the sink!

This painting is an original oil painting painted by my wonderful neighbor when I lived in La Conner, WA.  I am totally in love with it and will always be!

This is looking into the hallway leading to the kitchen.  Can you see all that great storage space!  I got this slightly warped but wonderful table at a garage sale for $2, and this wonderful market basket will be coming to the shop soon!

More coming soon! . . .


  1. Love these photos! What a great new place for you to call home. I'm with you on the wood floors. I have a few rooms that have the taupe carpet and I can't wait to rip it out! lol

    So happy for you!



  2. Thanks so much for commenting Julie! Always so fun to hear your thoughts! . . . and yes, the carpet . . . not my fave. I look forward to some great rugs in the living room and the hallway. :-)