Thursday, June 21, 2012


Summer came with a bang yesterday and boy, am I glad!  
It was a bright and gorgeous 78 degrees here in Coeur d'Alene and who doesn't get excited for that kind of warmth and sun?!  I get an extra bounce in my step.

Today, I think I must get outside and soak up some rays.  I'm experiencing cabin fever working inside while sunshine spills through the east facing window of my living room.  
Lake, here I come . . .

But, before I grab my sandals and go, (I have some more "inside" work to do first.) I will leave you with some very lovely and inspiring summer photos.  Enjoy! Summer is here!

The essence of summer.

(Facebook: Lace Events)

Fresh from the garden . . .

Peace, quiet, relaxation, beauty . . . 

Umm, I'll take this piece of heaven!

On my wish list this summer - a bike.

Hope you too get to enjoy some sun wherever you are!
Happy Summer!

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