Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Lone Star State

The last weekend in April, I went to a dear friend's wedding in Texas.   The main festivities took place on a large family ranch about an hour and a half outside of San Antonio.  It was a lovely weekend with perfect weather and friends, who for some, I had not seen since college, four years ago.

It being my first experience in the Lone Star state, and I went determined to take lots of pictures, and while I got some, I have never been especially great, okay, not great at all, about carrying a camera around wherever I go.  So, while my collection is small, I'm pleased I have a few shots to remind me of my first jaunt to Texas.

 The above pictures show the grounds for the wedding.  The decor was simple and lovely.  Inside the tent, the tables were adorned with mason jars filled with colorful wildflowers atop rounds of wood . . . (but of course, I did not take my camera to the ceremony, so this is all you . . . and I . . . get.)

 Several shots driving out of the ranch.

 Isn't this stream gorgeous, and these trees?!  I stopped on a small bridge to catch this view.

 Texas wildlife . . . deer, a little different than those in the NW.

 This guy was just chillin' next to the road, perfectly still.

And, would you look at those horns?!  Seriously!  (Forgive the blaring sign.)

On Sunday, before my evening flight, a friend (who also attended the wedding) and I went into San Antonio and saw the Alamo, sauntered along the downtown River Walk, and visited the Historic Market Square - the largest Mexican market outside of Mexico.  It just so happened that they were also having their annual Fiesta, so we got in on some great food and fun.

All in all, it was a good weekend, and I enjoyed Texas . . . although, so far, I still prefer the northwest.  :)

Hope your Tuesday has been going great!  
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