Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rotten Cold

Ugh, I had big plans for this weekend and all the fun things I was going to do to my apartment and then I got a horrible sore throat just moments after getting off work yesterday (weird), which woke me up numerous times last night and made it excruciating to swallow.  Thankfully, the sore throat has toned it down considerably, but now this sickness has worked its way into my head and I have been blowing my nose and sniffling all day which has left me with a very nice sinus headache.  No likey.

But, on a more positive note, I am getting internet in my apartment right now (woo hoo!) and I thought I would post a few pretty pictures I took the other day of the lake that I have been taking my boys that I nanny this last week.

Enjoy! . . . I'm going to go take some more Airborne.  :-)


 Even grass can be pretty. 

Click on this picture to get a closer look at the sweet little Damselflies resting on the ends of these reeds.

And finally . . . my daily charges.  Cuties.

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  1. How pretty! And calm it is there. The boys look adorable, love that he's "fishing" :)!!!